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Was Signing Bryce Harper a Bad Move For the Phillies?

Adam Lott / February 28, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your horses because Bryce Harper has signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. The former Nationals all-star now has the largest free agent contract in American sports HISTORY. The contract is worth $330 million dollars and lasts 13 years! I bet Kyler Murray wishes he would have stayed in baseball right now because players are getting paid a lot of money for not a lot of effort. But was this signing a mistake for Philly?

The Phillies came into the offseason ready to battle. They immediately stated that they had “stupid money” and that they were willing to spend most of it. Signing all-star middle infielder Jean Segura and young phenom J.T. Realmuto were only the small goals for the Phillies. The team knew that they wanted either Bryce Harper or Manny Machado from the beginning. But after months of relentless pursuit accompanied by an AGONIZING free agency finally landed Bryce Harper in the city of love.

My opinion is that the Phillies were too eager. The home run derby champion has been on and off his entire career. He had 3 extraordinarily mediocre years to start off his venture with the Nationals. Then in 2015, his MVP campaign, he batted .330 with 99 RBIs and 42 home runs. The next year, the 26-year old’s stats dipped. His batting average stood at a subpar .243 and only had 24 home runs. Then in 2017, he got his average up to .319! But alas, his stats dropped once again when Harper only batted .249 in 2018 with 34 home runs and exactly 100 RBIs. It boggles my mind how inconsistent this guy is. Not to mention that when his contract is up, Harper will be 39. Let that sink in for a minute. He will be 39 years old and still making millions of dollars. For the last 4-5 years of his contract, Harper will mean NOTHING.

Why would the Phillies jump the gun on this guy? If they would have waited one more year, they could have pursued PHILADELPHIA NATIVE MIKE TROUT. Trout will be a free agent after the 2019 season and the Phillies could have had him! The best player in the world could have got all of that “stupid money” that some guy with a few good years under his belt got instead. If I was from Philadelphia, I would be pissed. Not only did you screw the franchise over for a GOOD WHILE, but you also screwed over a dedicated fan base that won’t see another championship until the contract is over. But hey, at least we won’t have to worry about fans rioting in the streets like when they won the super bowl. Stay classy Philadelphia.

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Manny Machado Finally Signed, Here’s What It Means For the NL West…

Adam Lott / February 19, 2019

Well, it finally happened. After one of the most anticipated and grueling off-seasons in MLB history, Manny Machado found a team. Tuesday morning, the superstar SS/3B signed a 10-year, $300 million dollar contract with the San Diego Padres. We all knew that the contract was gonna be huge, but HOLY COW that’s a lot of money! His contract now stands as the largest free agent contract in American sports history, surpassing the previous record held by Alex Rodriguez’s 10-year, $275 million contract.

With the Machado signing, the Padres look to rebuild a struggling franchise. They finished last in the NL West in 2018 and had the fifth worst record in all of Major League Baseball. The signing will allow the team to build their franchise from the ground up, using Machado as the base of their structure. But what does this signing mean for the other four teams in the NL West?

Nothing. It means nothing for now at least. Several years from now, the story may be different, but for the next couple of seasons, the division will look excruciatingly similar to its previous years. The only thing that this signing will affect the division is the placement of the Padres and the Giants. The HORRID San Francisco Giants will be the worst baseball team in the NL West for MANY years.

The Giants finished 7 games ahead of the Padres last year and I predict that, with the Machado signing, San Diego will pass up the Giants and the Giants alone. The Diamondbacks, Rockies, and the Dodgers will be first, second, and third in the division (No specific order). So nothing will change immediately. However, the Padres have a lot of money AND a newly acquired franchise player under contract for 10 years.

Headlines about 5 years from now may have the Padres listed as a top team in baseball. Or they could still be one of the worst teams in baseball. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. Nobody can know for sure how anything will play out because of the inactivity of free agents. Bryce Harper’s inevitable signing can ruin everything, especially if he does end up signing with the Giants. What we do know is that his contract will probably be bigger than Machado’s. So Manny, enjoy your record while you can because one 26-year-old RF from Nevada is coming for you.

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Saints vs Rams: Studs and Duds

Wow…I am speechless. The referees just ruined a great game. You hate to see it. The Saints lost to the Rams 26-23 in overtime. Here are my studs and duds.

Stud: Alvin Kamara

The Saints couldn’t get anything going today on the ground. They had no run game whatsoever. Where Alvin Kamara lacked in rushes, he made up for with receptions. The speedy back caught 11 passes for 97 yards. That was enough to lead the entire team including the WRs. He picked up first down after first down and tried to help his team win. That makes him a stud for today.

Dud: Mark Ingram

The hard-hitting back didn’t do much on Sunday. Although he led the team in rushing, he had no touchdowns on nine carries and only 31 yards rushing. He couldn’t get anything going in any way. He didn’t receive for many yards, he didn’t rush for many yards, and he simply couldn’t do what it took to establish that run game.

Stud: Brandon Cooks

The former Saints WR had a great game. He caught only 7 passes 107 yards and no touchdowns. Although he couldn’t find the end zone, he caught a long pass from Goff right before halftime to set up a crucial touchdown that would help them in the long run. The Rams passed all over the place today with 3 receivers with at least 50 yards receiving. He had a great game against his former team in one of the most important moments in his career.

Dud: Todd Gurley III

What the hell happened? Todd Gurley was barely in the game today. It looked like the 2017-18 MVP runner up was a BACKUP to CJ Anderson. Can you believe that? CJ Anderson took Todd Gurley’s job. It was even said that he had no injuries. Who knows what Sean McVay was thinking? Clearly, it worked. Because Gurley rushed for only 10 yards and one touchdown AND two dropped passes and the Rams still won. Congrats to them.

Stud: Demario Davis

Davis came out strong against the Rams. He had a great tackle on the Rams first drive and he also had an interception off of the hands of Todd Gurley. He finished with nine tackles with five assists and an interception. Those nine tackles were enough to lead the entire team. Although they lost, the Saints defense played great today. They can go home proud knowing that they did their part. That brings me to my final dud.


This may have been one of the biggest screw jobs in the history of professional football. The Saints were looking to put the game away. They only needed one first down and the game was sealed. On third down inside the red zone Drew Brees fired a pass towards Tommylee Lewis. Then like a horror movie scene, Mark Barron comes out of nowhere and almost MURDERS Lewis. No flag. That. Is. RIDICULOUS! No way was a clean play. It was honestly one of the most critical plays in playoff history and the Refs messed up it. The entire crew for this game needs to be punished. Whether it’s being fired, fined, or fought, I couldn’t care less. They cost the Saints an opportunity to win a title. And that makes them the biggest duds of this year.

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Ponchatoula High School Phenom is “100% Committed to LSU”

The Tigers might have found themselves a blessing this week when star high school QB TJ Finley told the public that he is 100% committed to LSU. The junior athlete stated that his decision was to “get that burden off his chest” and to “focus on his team.”

Finley attends Ponchatoula High School where he plays football and basketball and has started on his varsity football team in his sophomore and junior year. In that time, he has thrown for 4619 yards and 37 touchdowns in only 20 games. He also has 6 rushing touchdowns in that two-year span.

Finley seems to be getting better with age. He went from posting 188.3 yards per game in his sophomore year to 273.6 in his junior year. He also went from 8 interceptions down to five. So the young QB is showing improvement which is an incredible sign for LSU.

If he improves again in his senior year, he should be a great fit for the Tiger’s offense. A young, healthy QB with great pocket presence and some mobility: yes, please.

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Saints vs Eagles: Studs and Duds

Sunday night, the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles matched up in the NFC divisional round. The Eagles came out flaming. They put up a 14-0 lead but could not hold onto it. The saints would shut them out for the rest of the game and won 20-14. Here are my studs and duds of the contest.

Stud: Michael Thomas

It felt like Michael Thomas wasn’t covered by anyone the entire game. Thomas shined, racking up 12 receptions with multiple coming on 3rd and long. He also received for 171 yards and 1 touchdown. If there is one word to describe him in this game, it’s clutch.

Dud: Andrus Peat

Peat struggled against the defensive line of Philadelphia. And it wasn’t because of blocking miscues. He struggled because of discipline. Peat totaled 4 HUGE penalties during the game: 2 false starts and 2 holding. One of the holding penalties was the biggest mistake by Peat. It took away the long touchdown from Taysom Hill to Alvin Kamara. Although they won, the other touchdown that was nullified by Peat would have made the Saints job that much easier.

Stud: Drew Brees

What can be said? Drew Brees did Drew Brees things. Per usual, the future Hall of Famer dominated, completing 28 of 38 passes for 301 yards and 2 touchdowns. Brees was shaky in the first quarter as he threw an opening play interception. However, in the following quarters, Drew was stunning. He converted 3rd down after 3rd down and completely changed the pace of the ballgame.

Dud: Nick Foles

Aaaahhhhh…Nick Foles. The unlikely superstar for the Eagles led his team to a super bowl championship last year, sealing his name in the households of Eagles fans for generations to come. On Sunday, he looked to do the exact same thing: take control. And in the opening quarter, it looked like he was going to do just that. He put up 2 touchdowns to give the Eagles their 14-0 lead. Nothing else could go right through. Foles ended up completing a mere 18 of 31 passes for 201 yards. The two touchdowns he had both came in the first half. Along with his poor performance, Foles threw 2 picks.

Stud: Marshon Lattimore

Marshon Lattimore started the game off subpar as well. He was burnt by Alshon Jeffery multiple times and defended 2 passes of the numerous that came his way. That was until the young DB made a fantastic interception that helped change the pace of the matchup. He wasn’t thrown at much after that. Lattimore ended with 4 solo tackles and two interceptions. He was a huge contributed to the Saints’ defense.

Dud: Alshon Jeffery

The former Bears WR didn’t play much of a factor in this game. He only caught five passes. Only had 63 yards receiving. He also had 0 touchdowns. He is on this list, however, because he choked harder than the Falcons in 2016. On the final drive, the Eagles were driving down the field. They were prepared for Nick Foles to come back from a fourth-quarter deficit again and move the team on to the next round of the playoffs. Suddenly, Foles laced a line drive pass to Jeffery. JEFFERY DROPPED THE PASS. It just hit his hands and bounced into Marshon Lattimore’s lap. He lost the game and probably made some Eagles fans question their life choices.

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