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Where Will Antonio Brown Land?

Chris Nalls / March 8, 2019

Wide receiver Antonio Brown is on the verge of playing for a new team in 2019. The 30-year-old seven-time pro bowler has persuaded the Pittsburgh Steelers to trade him and it appears this will happen in the next 24 hours.

With Brown’s cap number of $22,165,000 million for the 2019 season, there are only a couple of teams that can take that kind of contract on. Let’s take a look at three possible destinations for the former sixth-round pick.

Raiders-Cap Space $64,360,680

The Oakland Raiders have been the rumored destination now for about a day or two. With Derek Carr at the quarterback position and coach Jon Gruden now making decisions, the Raiders could be looking to fill the void after trading away Amari Cooper for a 1st round pick to the Dallas Cowboys in 2018. Copper played extremely well with the Cowboys. Now in 2019, Jordy Nelson is the only relevant wideout left on the Raiders. Trading for Brown makes sense and based off of Grudens moves last offseason and not being afraid off adding players well into their 30’s. This move could very well happen.

49ers- Cap Space $66,690,872

With a young gunslinger in Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers need a wideout for Jimmy G. Releasing Pierre Garçon early this offseason, Brown would be a great fit in the Bay Area with coach Mike Shanahan. The offensive guru in Shanahan paired with Brown and Jimmy G would make a nice quarterback and wide receiver combo. Now is the time to go big for the 9ers and there’s no other way to make a big splash then landing Brown this offseason

Jaguars– Cap Space $30,639,572

This is a dark horse team for me personally. The Jags created a lot of cap space today be releasing multiple players. Jaguars cap space now sits at $30,639,572 after making those moves on Friday. Now yes they need a quarterback and yes that’s most likely why they released those players and signing free agent quarterback Nick Foles has been the rumor for a while now, but what if they made a trade for Brown and signed Teddy Bridgewater to a friendly one year or two year prove it deal instead? Bridgewater, Brown, & Leonard Fournette all of a sudden makes the Jags an intriguing offense in 2019. Only a year removed for the playoffs, making a deal for Brown and signing a quarterback like Bridgewater could potentially put the Jags back on top of the AFC South in 2019.

Only time will tell where Brown will end up but it looks more likely than ever he will be playing with a new team in 2019.

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Benjamin Watson NFLPA Community MVP

With New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in a race for NFL MVP, there is another Saints player that actually won an MVP award.

In week 17, Saints tight end Benjamin Watson was named NFLPA Community MVP for raising more than $100,000 for multiple organizations. Watson is eligible to win this year’s Alan Page Community award which is the highest honor that the NFLPA can give to a player.

Earlier this season Watson announced his retirement from the NFL after playing 14 seasons. The former first-round pick in 2004 has played in all 16 games since 2014. Watson has 5,885 career receiving yards and 44 touchdowns.

One could even say Watson has played better as he has gotten older. Watson’s catch percentage has been 67.3%, 77.2%, and 76.1% over the last three seasons as well. With Watson retiring now and up for the high honor award Alan Page award for his community work, Watson has had an impressive career. has come out with a Benjamin Watson community MVP commemorative bobblehead that looks amazing. You can get yours at and be sure to follow them on Twitter at @FOCOusa.

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Mr. New Orleans

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is unique, not just to the Saints but to the city of New Orleans as well. Brees has returned hope and passion for football back into New Orleans.

Yes, there are some great quarterbacks in the NFL. Brady, Rodgers, and Rivers but none have impacted a city like Brees has.

Since Brees signed with the Saints in 2006, many records have been broken by the former second-round pick out of Purdue.

Brees not only has the record for passing touchdowns for an active quarterback with 520 from 2001-2018, but Brees of course also is number in passing yards with 74437 and sits alone at the top.

Saints have changed since Brees has arrived by playing in eight playoff appearances, seven with the Saints and once with Brees former team the San Diego Chargers.

Winning a Super Bowl ring and breaking multiple records, Brees should be in the conversation as one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

When Brees broke the all-time passing yards record, it was a memorable moment not just for Brees but the city of New Orleans. Drew Brees and New Orleans go together like a roast beef PO-boy and an ice cold root beer.

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Anthony Davis to The Celtics?

In what looks to be a move that is inevitable, The New Orleans Pelicans will be moving on from All-Star Anthony Davis at some point. Where Davis ends up is the millions dollar question, but if the Pelicans are willing to deal Davis, there is one deal that looks to be the best.

A potential deal with the Boston Celtics that would have the Pelicans getting Gordan Hayward, Jason Tatum, and multiple picks seem like the best package for the Franchise moving forward. Adding a young playmaker like Tatum and a solid veteran in Hayward could help the impactful blow of losing Anthony Davis.

Pelicans would be moving on from Davis’s 25,434,263 million dollar contract that would free up some extra cap space as well as trade Solomon Hill in the initial deal would also relive their cap of $12,500,00. Hayward is making $31,214,295 this season, but Tatum will only cost $6,700,800. In return, you are getting a better player overall in Tatum over Hill, but the total cap dollar will stay the same mostly.

If the deal is going to be done, the Pelicans should act now if not then wait for this situation to resolve after the season. Either way, it definitely appears that Davis will be wearing another jersey soon as a Celtic or another team.


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Saints Eyeing Dolphins Special Teams Coach

It appears the New Orleans Saints will be making some changes to their special team’s staff per reports. Saints reportedly have their eyes set on a new special teams coach, and Darren Rizzi, the longtime Miami Dolphins special teams coordinator could be the next man in line. The Hillside, New Jersey native, has 10 years experience as special teams coach for the Dolphins.


Rizzi has coached four players that have made the NFL All-rookie team in his last five years of coaching, while his special teams unit has ranked in the top half of the NFL per the Dallas Morning News Rankings. In 2017 the Dolphins special teams unit were tied second in the NFL with three blocked kicks, two field goals, and one punt.

The Saints will look a lot different on special teams this upcoming season if they do in fact hire Darren Rizzi away from the Dolphins.


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