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Mr. New Orleans

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is unique, not just to the Saints but to the city of New Orleans as well. Brees has returned hope and passion for football back into New Orleans.

Yes, there are some great quarterbacks in the NFL. Brady, Rodgers, and Rivers but none have impacted a city like Brees has.

Since Brees signed with the Saints in 2006, many records have been broken by the former second-round pick out of Purdue.

Brees not only has the record for passing touchdowns for an active quarterback with 520 from 2001-2018, but Brees of course also is number in passing yards with 74437 and sits alone at the top.

Saints have changed since Brees has arrived by playing in eight playoff appearances, seven with the Saints and once with Brees former team the San Diego Chargers.

Winning a Super Bowl ring and breaking multiple records, Brees should be in the conversation as one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

When Brees broke the all-time passing yards record, it was a memorable moment not just for Brees but the city of New Orleans. Drew Brees and New Orleans go together like a roast beef PO-boy and an ice cold root beer.

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Saints Eyeing Dolphins Special Teams Coach

It appears the New Orleans Saints will be making some changes to their special team’s staff per reports. Saints reportedly have their eyes set on a new special teams coach, and Darren Rizzi, the longtime Miami Dolphins special teams coordinator could be the next man in line. The Hillside, New Jersey native, has 10 years experience as special teams coach for the Dolphins.


Rizzi has coached four players that have made the NFL All-rookie team in his last five years of coaching, while his special teams unit has ranked in the top half of the NFL per the Dallas Morning News Rankings. In 2017 the Dolphins special teams unit were tied second in the NFL with three blocked kicks, two field goals, and one punt.

The Saints will look a lot different on special teams this upcoming season if they do in fact hire Darren Rizzi away from the Dolphins.


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NFL Claims that Commissioner Roger Goodell cannot call for a Saints vs Rams Replay

On Sunday, January 27, the NFL claimed in a court filing that commissioner Roger Goodell does not have the authoritative power to demand a replay of last week’s NFC Championship matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. The court filing also made it clear that all decisions made by referees are final.

The NFL issued this filing as a response to two individual lawsuits on behalf of Saints’ season ticket holders and the entire Who Dat Nation.

These lawsuits arose after fans of the Saints and football itself were appalled by the infamous non-call which eventually led to a Rams’ victory and a Super Bowl berth.

Following the heartbreaking loss, a report surfaced from the NFL rulebook saying that Goodell has the authority to take corrective action if a “calamity” occurs that is so “extraordinarily unfair or outside the accepted tactics in professional football”.

Despite this rule, the league determined in their filing that the non-call, which may have cost the Saints the game, does not fall into this category. The filing says that no game in NFL history has ever been replayed.

The filing also claims that replaying the NFC Championship game would open up the door in the future for similar lawsuits to be filed if fans are disgruntled over a referee’s call or lack thereof.

In a previous response filed on Friday, January 25, the NFL claimed that replaying the NFC Championship would generate an expensive delay in regards to the Super Bowl which is scheduled for February 3 and is to be played between the Rams and the New England Patriots.

The NFL seemingly will not budge in favor of the Who Dat Nation in this particular case. Fans and players alike will likely be hoping for a rule change to be implemented during the offseason so that no team or fan base should ever have to deal with such an issue in the future.

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NFL fines Robey-Coleman for hit on Tommylee Lewis; yet to make an official statement

The NFL fined Rams’ cornerback Nickell Robert-Coleman for his controversial hit on Saints’ wide receiver Tommylee Lewis which played a crucial role in the Saints’ 26-23 loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship.

The fine will cost Robey-Coleman $26,739, yet he doesn’t believe it’s warranted as he will attempt to appeal the fine.

Robey-Coleman admitted that he hit Lewis early in a post-game interview. Not only was there a missed pass interference call on his hit, but there should also be a helmet-to-helmet penalty as well. As the NFL wishes to improve player safety, Lewis’ safety was neglected on that play as the hit from Robey-Coleman could have been detrimental to his career.

Despite the recently-issued fine on Robey-Coleman, the NFL has yet to issue an official statement, and it is unclear when such an announcement will be released.

Until the league issues a statement on one of the most controversial missed calls in sports’ history, Saints’ fans will likely continue to grow impatient and irritated as they await an explanation for this travesty.

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P.J. Williams Arrested for Drunk-Driving Accusations

Early Wednesday morning, New Orleans Saints’ cornerback P.J. Williams was arrested due to accusations of drunk driving.

The 25-year-old was charged with counts of drunk driving and careless driving around 1:10 a.m. About three hours later, Williams had bonded out of custody.

After winning a National Championship with Florida State, the Saints selected Williams in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft, yet they never honestly saw a high return on their investment.

Throughout three seasons in New Orleans, Williams recorded 20 pass deflections and three interceptions, most notably the interception which he returned for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings this past season as the Saints exacted revenge, beating the Vikings 30-20.

Williams’ contract expires this offseason. He is set to become a free agent unless he signs a new contract with the New Orleans Saints. Williams certainly did not help his case with this situation.

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